Eight legs and two wheels

The math is simple: two adults and a dog, but let’s dive in!
While on the tandem bicycle Andrei is the helmsman and Laura the rower. Beyond that he is a master student and a photographer while Laura writes books about love and shares her love dog sitting furry friends. Last but not least, Tic, the star of the show, the spoiled bundle of fur, is a four year old dog. He is the proud owner of a large collection of rocks and has great expertise in travels and the art of digging holes.

A little bit about each one


Tic is a profoundly happy dog. He is rather silly and adores to wander but we love him so much that we take him everywhere we go. He enjoys being taken in the basket of the bike, on the motorcycle, by train, by boat, carriage, car, bus, ferry, sledge, on the skateboard as well as on the surfboard. He is the best travel companion one could ever have and the main character of the two journals of love that are named after him: Mister Tic.
Despite no one having ever expected it from him, he is the perfect dog. We would have loved him anyway, however he is Super Tic and the reason behind so many accomplishments within our little family. During this trip he will be living with us for a whole month on a tandem bicycle. That is because we want him by our side every single moment as much as he wants to be with us. He makes sure to show us that daily, by sneaking in through the barely open door, running down the stairs and jumping up and down to be lifted in the basket of the bicycle. There can be no trip without Tic.
The bottom line is that he is responsible for many beautiful things that have filled our lives and we owe him so much.
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domnul tic pe tandem

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I live in Konstanz, Germany. Here, I am doing a master in psychology and working as a photographer. From the year 1991, the year I was born, I had to wait 13 years to be able to get on a bicycle. It was a “Dunarea” (the Danube) and it belonged to my grandfather. It was then when I fell in love with it started experimenting its various forms: mountain biking, BMX and more recently, touring.
The experience of seeing and experiencing new places in the rhythm of a bicycle is a rather different experience in itself. It is to traveling what reading a book is to watching a movie. There is a lot of road out there! And though having made so many kilometers throughout the years I still haven’t quenched my thirst to know what is yet to be seen beyond the next bend. So I grab my camera and feel richer and richer with each photo that I get to take.

andrei pe tandem

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My name is Laura and I have lived so far 28 years and 2 books. Though I have graduated from the University of Journalism I have spent the following years working as a dealer/card player, waitress, on line shop administrator, review writer for children’s books and social media specialist. It took me a while to understand my purpose. So when I did, I quit my job and took off into the world. Iceland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France and Norway are some of the countries that have fed my appetite for traveling. And as an added bonus, they even led me to a new job: dog sitter.


I learned that I love to gather the world in my heart and meet the people of the beautiful places I visit. I have found that I love to put on paper what I see, hear and smell. I fell in love with facilitating the encounter between people and words. I fell in love with making people feel, laugh, remember, seeing the world through my eyes.
Learning all this about myself made it easy for me to jump on the tandem bicycle together with my boys and go to Romania, the place we miss the most and feel we don’t know enough. So we decided to remedy this by making a new book.

laura pe tandem

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It took 3 weeks of full on immersion in the world of Ebay to finally find the tandem bicycle for us. We then travelled 170 km to Stuttgart in order to bring it home. It is a Schauff city bike made in the early 90’s. And, despite us dragging it through forests, mountain roads filled with rocks and tree roots and valleys of knolls and hillocks, it has performed without fault. It is a German product with a highly flexible steel frame.

It might be an amazing tandem bicycle that has successfully passed our tests, however we do have to admit that is not the best choice for our trip and we’re actually a bit afraid.  While the tandem has seen little use and is in perfect working order, the rough roads of Romania carry the risk of twisting a rim or even overtaxing the frame to the point of breaking. And while we trust the German craftsmanship, thinking that its elegant components will be carrying over 200 kilograms…

Well, will just have to go with it and see what happens!


Frame: Schauff St. Petersburg

Fork: Schauf CrMo, threaded headser

Saddles: Brooks B17 front, Flyer S back

Gears: Shimano Deore, 3 front, 7 rear

Rims: Mavic module 4 NE with 36 spokes front, 48 back

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon 28×1.4

Hubs: In front Shimano, in the rear we have a special tandem hub with a drum brake and 48 spoke holes

Derailleur – rear: Shimano XT w/ Shimano Tourney threaded cogs 13 – 34T with 7 gears;

Front derailleur : Shimano LX

Brakes: Măgura evolution front and rear + rear drum brake

Handle bars: 700mm dirt bike bars

Lights: Far Fuxon F40, dynamo

Luggage racks: aluminium front/back

Pedals: Shimano

Chains: Shimano







Here you can see our first trip by tandem: