The people who bought our days

Update: The 30 days on tandem bicycle have been sold!
That night neither one of us slept. It was the night of the 10th of Match and we could barely refrain the urge to jump in the saddle and go home to Romania. Which saddle? How? With what? Once we managed to temper the excitement we started to process the idea. We planned the new adventure under the nightstand ligh with Tic next to us, sleeping belly up on Andrei’s pillow.
A month of biking on the tandem. The three of us. That’s all! Brilliant, isn’t it? Don’t you think!?
After that night it became impossible to get a full night sleep. It was just like waiting for Santa to deliver the presents. At least that is how it felt for us. Our hearts were pounding like crazy. We were endesly staring at each other, talking over each other, brainstorming ideas, laughing and organizing. As we kept falling deeper and deeper in love with the new dream, the night became one of the most beautiful nights of our lives.
The Ceahlău Massive, the Black Sea, Olănești, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Colibița, the Danube, Razim Lake, the muddy volcanos, Capra Waterfall, the Turda Gorge, Ochiul Beiului Lake, National Park Nera Gorge, Agapia Monastery and many, many more places to be seen…
We want to experience every single one of them in the rhythm of the tandem. We will be sleeping in a tent, we will bathe wherever we find, we will eat what we can afford or are offered, we will laugh, we will pedal, we will talk with the people we meet, we will share stories with whomever will be listening to us, we will pedal more, our bike will break and we shall fix it, and if we can’t fix it ourselves, we will find help, we will get lost and we will find each other the way we know best.
We want to make you part of our story. And for that, we give you a day in our life complete with all its experiences and emotions. We’ll take you with us, and here is how:
The goal is to make 1500 Romanian kilometers. We don’t know yet how the exact number we can reach per day. That is still to be discovered even for us. However, no matter the number, they will all, be yours. They will come together with all the stories that will be crossing our path during that day and which I will be compiling in a hand written letter right there, in the mist of events. Just like this one, the letter will be for you, but on actual paper. It will bare the smell of ink and it will have an envelope and a stamp. It will be licked by Tic and signed with his paw, and it will reach you anywhere in the world. The pictures of that day found on Andrei’s camera will also belong to you.

They will show you the Romania our eyes captured. And at the end of the trip, we dream to fit all that we have lived in the pages of a book. We wish to give to you, that book, together with a stone carefully selected by none other than Tic. The stone will be chosen during the day that you have selected to be yours too.
If you’re coming with us we’ll print your name on a heart shaped sticker that will adorn the bicycle basket carrying Tic. This adventure is to be felt, to be shared from heart to heart in the same rhythm.
We don’t own much. We do, however, have the open road with many miles ahead of us, plenty of joy, lots of words, pen and paper, love, the sun shining behind Andrei’s camera, Tic’s beloved stones, flushed cheeks, three beating hearts and so, so much courage.
Though we might have plenty of smiles to share, pedals to be pedaled, souls to feel and a Tic to walk, this adventure does require financial underpinning. We need to survive for 30 days while traveling on the tandem bicycle but also to be left with enough for the book itself.
While we don’t know exactly how, we are certain we will succeed! We will do it together as the tandem has so beautifully taught us. Come with us! One, two, three…and , go!
We thank you for reading our story. We thank you if you’ll be part of our story. We thank you anyway. Because, if you’re here now, it means you will stick around. What is to come is too beautiful not to be shared together.
Till next time!
Laura, Andrei and Tic

Why touring on a tandem?

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