inima tandem

Who said it should be easy?

We packed books, a bottle of detergent, water bottles and other heavy things. We filled our cart with all the camping stuff. And so, loaded, we climbed the hill, clatter-clatter… to have some training. We cycled just like two Sisif’s children. Terribly hard!  Brr! Not easy at all, but who said it has to be?

Nevertheless, we love our dream. This dream that it’s going to change us, to mould us, to speak about each of us, about the other one, about our country, about people and about living in the rhythm of the pedals.

A Spanish friend asked us today if we are ready. No, we’re not, obviously. We won’t be even in the day we start off, either. No matter how much equipment we’ve bought, no matter how much training we’ve done, no matter how much soul we’ve put in our project- you can’t be ready. It’s just like standing on the edge of the deck before throwing yourself with a bungee jump. You could very well wait 5 minutes more. And this thought keeps you warm a little bit. 18 days 23 hours 15 minutes and 47 seconds left and off we go. And, if we initially thought that the hardest part is to receive your help, well, we were wrong. You took care “to buy” all the days from the stock of our dream. How not to fly when the wind blows under your wings?

The most difficult part is to throw yourself into the plain air. Into the unknown and untrodden. Into the unlived. But it’s just the beginning. You got to understand very fast and whisper to yourself:

“Hey…I’m flying!

Rain. The tandem holds up
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