Packing done, off we go!

Andrei’s baggage: Laura’s baggage: Tic’s baggage: Electronics: Our kitchen:   Other necessary things: Tools: Camping stuff: one tent, two sleeping bags, two self-inflatable mattresses (no photo available because we packed them already)

Rain. The tandem holds up

Dead or alive, no matter the weather on Sunday, we had decided: we go by tandem for training. And we were lucky: it rained! I say lucky because we had the chance to test our cycling, our equipment, our dog and our patience on rain. 55 km of which only about 40 only hills, in […]

inima tandem

Who said it should be easy?

We packed books, a bottle of detergent, water bottles and other heavy things. We filled our cart with all the camping stuff. And so, loaded, we climbed the hill, clatter-clatter… to have some training. We cycled just like two Sisif’s children. Terribly hard!  Brr! Not easy at all, but who said it has to be? […]

Din cutia cu scrisori (translation not available yet)

Suntem alături de voi orice vă trece prin cap. Vrem, eu și mama, să cumpărăm o zi din călătoria voastră, dacă ne puteți promite c-o să aveți grijă unul de altul. O să venim, oriunde sunteți, să ne întâlnim pe drum într-o duminică!” – tata

Salutare! Of course că vreau și eu o zi, Laura 🙂 So, keep me one! Abia aștept să văd care vor fi locurile vizitate in ziua aia de voi, pentru că planific musai să revăd/văd locurile alea și eu anul ăsta. Muuuult succes!” – Mihaela


Why touring on a tandem?

We had good jobs, a home we had built on, four mountain bikes and city ones, days full of roaming or tranquilities, calm, sunny days, rainy days and dancing days. We’ve had everything we needed. Our life flowed on her warm and clear track. But one day we fancied: let’s do something cool! And we […]

The people who bought our days

Update: The 30 days on tandem bicycle have been sold! That night neither one of us slept. It was the night of the 10th of Match and we could barely refrain the urge to jump in the saddle and go home to Romania. Which saddle? How? With what? Once we managed to temper the excitement […]